Job Title :

Temporary Analytics Coordinator - Men's Basketball


part time

Role Description:

This is a part-time, temporary position not eligible for benefits.

The analytics coordinator provides direct assistance to the head men's basketball coach and assistant coaches by planning, developing and implementing the statistical analysis program for the men's basketball program.

This part-time position requires attendance at all practices and games (both on-site and off-site) as well as the ability to work flexible hours.

Essential Functions

25% - Accumulates statistics for games, practices, and workouts

25% - Produces analytic reports for the Phoenix College team and players

25% - Develops opponent scouting reports with analytic reports

25% - Maintains and updates statistics on Presto

    How to Apply

    Applicants are required to submit a cover letter and resume showing how the applicant meets the minimum and desired qualifications. All minimum requirements must be met at the time of the application.

    Additional materials will not be accepted after the job posting has closed.

    Missing materials or incomplete employment history will not be considered.

    Please ensure your materials clearly provide the following information.

    • Clearly illustrate how prior experience, knowledge and education meet the minimum and desired qualifications for this position.
    • Indicate whether former or current employment is Full-Time or;
    • Part-Time employment, to include Adjunct or Associate Professor (must include number of hours worked, contact hours or load)
    • Provide employment history in a month / year format (eg, 09/07 to 10/11) including job title, job duties, for each position held and name of employer for each position.
    • Two professional references, preferably current and / or former supervisors. If referenc