Job Title :

Yoga & Pilates Instructor


full time

Role Description:


  • Lead group classes.The main duty for a Yoga & Pilates instructor is to create a curriculum and lead groups through various levels and types of practice. This can include doing administrative work for the class, getting equipment together and getting to know what participating guestswant.
  • Demonstrate practice and technique. As the expert, you'll use your body to show the correct way to get into poses, the most beneficial breathing patterns, and tips for achieving spiritual wellness.
  • Offer adjustments and training recommendations.Not all of your students will be as experienced as you, so you'll need to gently adjust their bodies, provide them with alternative poses and assist them with other parts of their fitness regimens.

Company information and benefits:

The company offers a competitive remuneration package in a dynamic and highly professional working environment. Accommodation, meals and recreational facilities are also provided.

Furthermore, educational lectures and personalized training plans are conducted in order to meet employee needs.

Finally, a merit-based performance appraisal system is implemented, and a cash bonus is provided per month based on employee performance.

Necessary qualifications:

  • Physical fitness and yoga knowledge.
  • You'll have to be in good shape to demonstrate good yoga technique and offer instruction at advanced levels.
  • Excellent communication.The most important role of a yoga instructor is explaining how to move the body and what this movementshould feel like. You'll need the language and personality to connect with our guests
  • Motivational skills.Yoga can be a physical and mental struggle, so be ready to push and challenge your students, as well as encourage and congratulate them.
  • Enthusiastic, friendly & self-motivated, eager to learn, develop and be part of a growing team
  • Fluency in English (verbal). A second and third language would be highly appreciated

Yoga & Pilates Instructor | ATRIUM HOTELS | Greece